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Your online strategy should NOT be based on generic web services or tactics. They simply do NOT work. Get help from a team that really understands your customers and know exactly which digital services will work for your lifting services.

Our Service Engagements

We map out a 6-month online marketing, website redesign
and sales enablement plan called the BluePrint. We then become an integrated part of your team, almost like we were in-house and begin to work towards your targets.


Strategy & Goal Planning

10-14 Days

Our first few meetings begin with strategy and goal formation. Together we map out your crane hire business goals and formulate a plan on how to achieve those goals together.


Website & Sales Optimization

60-90 Days

We re-design your website so it looks and performs much better than what you have today. We create new sales material, systems and processes to ensure we convert more project leads to closed deals.



30 Day Sprints

With the new version of your website live and collecting user data, we start to execute high-impact website and marketing items to help you hit your goals.

Your BluePrint will include

Website Redesign and Continous Improvement

Heavy is { Growth Driven Design Certified } by Hubspot

A Peak Performing Website

Your website is the first place people visit when searching for lifting services. Your potential clients cannot see the quality of services you offer so instead they make an initial JUDGEMENT based on the first impressions they get from your website. A poorly designed website gives the impression of low-standards and untrustworthy which is a huge problem when you are trying to sell crane hire services. We redesign your crane hire website so it looks and performs much better and it reflects the high standard of crane hire services you provide.

No upfront costs

There are no huge up-front costs for this redesign. The redesign is part of the Blueprint package so your investment is spread out over a six-month period, which is paid in six monthly installments. You will not be billed for any additional hours. We won't ask you for money to make improvements or changes. The website is built using SilverStripe so their are no annual licensing fees. You own and control your website outright.

Month-on-Month Improvements

It will take 60 to 90 days to complete your new website. But we don’t stop there. After launching the site, we will identify the high-impact actions we can take to improve the website each month.

Get a complete breakdown of what is included in the website and continous improvement part of the BluePrint.

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Online Marketing & Advertsing

Heavy has { multiple marketing Certifications } from Hubspot

The Secret Recipe

The right online marketing strategy for crane hire companies is to mix customer research, website redesign, SEO and email automation, lead generation and sales funnel development together. This large block of work does take time to implement. This is one of the reasons why all our engagements are for six months. We are with you from the very start when you do your goal-setting and end at the finish line where we hand over an automated online sales funnel and peak performing website..

Investment Spread Over Time

A campaign of this size and magnitude will often incur an enormous upfront cost if you’re working with a traditional digital agency. Why not spread your investment over time by allowing us to be your partner instead of going for a hit-or-miss solution? We will commit to being your trusted advisers and almost in-house marketing team. We do everything in our power to make your crane hire company even more successful.

Get a complete breakdown of what is included in the Online Marketing and Advertising part of the BluePrint.

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Sales Enablement

Heavy is { Sales Enablement Certified } by Hubspot

The Right Tools

We ensure that your website is connected to a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, so you have the right tools to manage your sales funnel. Our website platform will integrate into a CRM called If you already have an internal CRM that you are happy with, then we will integrate our website platform directly into your in-house CRM

PreSales Content Library

Our blueprint plan also includes the creation of pre-sales content such as a new company brochure, load sheets and case studies, which can be used as pre-sales content on your website. We can also help your sales representatives with this quality content to help them sell better.

Email Autoresponders

We help improve your lead response efficiency with sales email autoresponder sequences to boost lead request response and close rates.

Email Marketing

We create email campaigns that drive new sales revenues from your existing databases and contacts

Get a complete breakdown of what is included in the Sales Enablementpart of the BluePrint.

Download The Breakdown

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