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Growing a crane hire business on the internet is very difficult, because there is so much competition competing for same geographic locations. You’re frustrated and unclear what to do next. At Heavy, we focus exclusively on helping crane hire businesses grow through your internet. We understand your industry and customer base and know exactly what it will take to make you more money

"We get it. You’re busy. You’ve got a crane hire business to run. You don't have time to focus on all things Internet. That is where HEAVY comes in. If you'll let us, we'll go on the journey with you as your trusted advisors and de facto web and marketing team. We'll do everything we can to make your crane hire company even more successful"
- David Hennessy, Founder @ HEAVY

Our Story

Although our office is located in Lucena city, the Philippines, our experience is heavily relied upon by crane hire companies from all over the globe. Calling clients for a chat in far away places is a normal part of our working day.

Origionally from Ireland, Dave moved to the Philippines in 2007 and has been living their full-time every since. In 2008, he took on his first client, Ofer Akerman, giving birth to HEAVY (then known as ThatByThem). Ofer is still a regular client and more importantly, is now a great friend.

Fast forward 9 years and the team has grow to 12 team members ready to help you every step of the way. A team that understands the crane hire industry. A team that thinks about your business and not just the CODE.

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