Small vs Large

We are a company of two because we believe it is the only way to guarantee quality. In other words, we do all the SilverStripe work and maintain our relationship with you. No account managers, junior developers or outsourcing team trying to represent the work of someone else. Simply two co-owners who work directly with you in Slack every day to help push your business forward.

Anh Le Duc

I am a full stack developer with 8+ years of experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. I am passionate about the SilverStripe framework. Keeping the agency small allows me to do what I love every day: working directly with clients, not managing staff.

Dave Hennessy

I'm a developer with 10+ years of hands-on coding experience. I have extensive experience working with 2 of the most popular stacks: PHP/MySQL (over 10 years of experience) and (8 years of experience working with the SilverStripe platform).

Our clients come to us because they know we can build and maintain technically complex SilverStripe instances at scale.