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Don't get held back. Grow your crane hire company revenue much faster

How much revenue are you potentially losing to your competitors each day on the internet? Having a weak online strategy is costing your crane hire company thousands and thousands of dollars per day, and you may not even be aware of it. Watch the 4 short videos and learn how to grow your revenue much faster through the Internet.

Helping crane hire companies win big on the Internet

At Heavy, we provide the online strategy, guidance, and team that will help you win big on the Internet.

Over the years, we have developed a proven strategy that works over and over again for the crane hire industry. We call that strategic plan, the blueprint.

When you need to show fast growth for your crane hire company, the blueprint will make it happen.

The 4 Stages
of the Blueprint


Clarify Your Message

Month 1

We work with your existing team or act as your remote marketing team to build out your online marketing strategy. We begin with your messaging. Words sell, so we focus on the words you are using. Together, we create clearer messaging that will make customers want to engage with your brand. Then, we use that new messaging on your website, in your online sales funnel, email sequences, and in your sales enablement documents.

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Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine

Months 2 to 4

We redesign your website so it reflects the excellent quality of lifting services that you provide to your customers. We integrate your new messaging to guide potential customers from your homepage and motivate them to pick up the phone, fill out a form, or enter your online sales funnel.

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Setup Your Online Sales Funnel

Month 3

We build an online sales funnel for your company that will generate more leads, close sales, and increase the revenue . We create every piece of marketing and the systems you will need to grow your online sales.

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Execute A Proven Online Marketing Strategy

Months 4 to 6

There are so many online marketing strategies out there and the majority of them do not work for the crane hire industry. We set up a proven online marketing framework that has worked over and over again for crane hire companies just like yours. No guesswork. No generic tactics. You get a strategy specifically formulated for crane hire companies.

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The work we do for our clients is classified and confidential. Here are some concepts we created in our free time that will give you a feel for what we do.

Website Design Concept

Rotex is darker toned layout for a crane hire website.

Website Design Concept

We had some spare time between projects so we decided to play around and create another concept called Biggy.

Web Design Concept

JIBB is a quick concept we created to showcase the quality of work we would deliver should you hire HEAVY to redesign your crane hire website.

Website Design Concept

HOISTED is more traditional take on a high converting crane hire website.


What Makes Heavy So Different?

At Heavy, we focus exclusively on helping crane hire companies get more projects through the internet. We understand your industry and customers, so we know exactly what it will take to win you more projects through the internet.

Working together is easy


Watch the 4 short videos in the blueprint series.


We'll talk about smart goals we can achieve together.


We create a custom blueprint proposal for you.


We execute your blueprint and start hitting goals.

Watch the Blueprint video series now

For a limited period of time, we are opening up the video series to all crane hire companies for free.

What's my investment?

How much is having a weak online strategy costing your company? How many of your potential customers are choosing your competitors over your lifting services? How many of your fleet sit in your yard because customers don't understand why your lifting services are the best. A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

For less than an in-house marketing salary, you can hire the full Heavy team to execute the blueprint plan and sales will increase.

There are no huge up-front costs when you work with Heavy. The investment of hiring Heavy to impliment the blueprint strategy is spread out over a six-month period, which is paid in six monthly installments. You will not be billed for any additional hours. We won't ask you for money to make improvements or changes.

Everything is included in the Blueprint Strategy. We clarify your message. Redesign your website. Setup your online Sales funnel and execute a proven marketing strategy to win you more business.

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